• 1h30
  • 10

1/2 kg white corn
1 can of condensed milk
enough water
1 liter of boiling milk
2 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
1/2 orange or lime peel
Sugar if needed
1 cup of roasted ground peanuts
1 teaspoon Andorinha Vintage Olive Oil


Choose the corn for the pudding, wash well and let it soak overnight.
The next day, put the corn in a pressure cooker, fill it with water up to 2 inches below the lid and add a teaspoon of Andorinha Vintage Olive Oil.
Add cinnamon, cloves, and a piece of orange or lime peel and cook under pressure for about 40 minutes (the corn should come out very soft).
Remove the orange peel, cinnamon and cloves.
Add the boiling milk, the condensed milk and stir well with a wooden spoon.
Cook until the corn kernels are very smooth and the pudding is creamy.
Before turning the heat off, make sure it is sweet enough. If not, add some more sugar and cook it a little more.
Add the peanuts, not forgetting to stir them constantly so they do not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Serve sprinkled with cinnamon powder.

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